Extracción de gravas y arenas; extracción de arcilla y caolín

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Madrid - Area Metropolitana (Madrid - Comunidad de Madrid)


Extracción de piedra, arena y arcilla

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Extracción y tratamientos de tierras industriales, arcillas especiales y minerales absorbentes.

Extracción de gravas y arenas; extracción de arcilla y caolín

Extracción de gravas y arenas; extracción de arcilla y caolín

Operation of gravel and sand pits; mining of clays and kaolin

This company researches, develops, manufactures, and markets mineral products. It was founded in 1957, and has its registered head office in the city of Madrid in Spain. The company offers hygienic litters for pets, such as hygienic absorbent or clumping, granular cat litters, and deodourising and bacteriostatic additives for hygienic cat litters; gardening substrates; thixotropic additives for mortar, plaster, and concrete; and industrial additives, including rheological additives for organic and aqueous systems, phytosanitary supports, molecular desiccants and filters, carriers for the pharmaceutical industry, and additives for the paper and foundry sectors. It also provides animal foods, such as binders and anti-caking agents, suspension additives, and mycotoxin adsorbents; absorbents of liquid spills; and civil engineering products, including rheological agents for drilling muds, waste treatment, and sealants for waste containment and pond sealing. In addition, the company offers bird cage floor dressing and cat litters; and industrial products, such as construction, civil engineering, support fluids, and drilling environmental products, filtration, paints and coatings, asphalt and bitumen, foundry, industrial absorbents and desiccants, general industry, agriculture, and animal nutrition. The company strives to grow profitably in order to lead consumer and industrial markets. It is a global company with operating subsidiaries in Morocco, Turkey, Spain, France, Senegal, Argentina, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.
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