Fabricación de caucho sintético en formas primarias

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Fabricación de productos químicos básicos, compuestos nitrogenados, fertilizantes, plásticos y caucho sintético en formas primarias

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Producción de copolímeros de Estireno-Butadieno

Fabricación de caucho sintético en formas primarias

Fabricación de caucho sintético en formas primarias

Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms

The company is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range or rubbers for a large variety of applications. It incorporated in June of 1999 and has its headquarters in Madrid, Spain. The company was established as a joint venture of Repsol YPF (Synthetic Rubber division) and DESC (Petrochemical sector) in order to gain competitive advantages in the global market and to be leaders in their specialties and expand synergies in productivity. The company is a leading global supplier of styrenic block copolymers. It has two lines of brand names: Calprene, which includes different grades of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) and SEBS rubbers; and Solprene, with its patented line of SSBR, SBS and BR. Calprene and Solprene BRs are medium cis polybutadienes normally composed of a mixture of linear and branched polymers. For tire and general rubber applications, the Company offers both tin and silicon branched BRs. The company aims to be a multi-national company, leader in specialized rubbers, creating sustainable value for its shareholders. It has production facilities in Europe and North America, each with similar production capabilities with respect to technoloy, R&D, quality processing and customer service. The Europe plant is located in the Gulf of Biscay, just a few miles from the Spanish city of Santander. The Santander Petrochemical Complex has an annual production capacity of more than 110,000 tons. The Altamira plant (North America) is located in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. It has an annual production of 90,000 tons. The company also has sales and customer service offices within the leading cities in Europe to cover the European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Moreover, the Company has offices in Houston, Texas (USA), Leon, Guanajuato (Mexico) and an extensive network of professional representatives throughout Central and South America.
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