Fabricación de otros productos químicos n.c.o.p.

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Fabricación de otros productos químicos

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Fabricación de productos derivados de algas marinas (principalmente agar-agar producto que se utiliza para alimentación y farmacia como conservante)

Fabricación de otros productos químicos n.c.o.p.
Fabricación de productos farmacéuticos de base
Fabricación de otros productos químicos ncop
Acuicultura marina
Manufacture of other chemical products n.e.c.
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
It is a private limited company primarily engaged in the manufacturer of hydrocolloids. Hispanagar was formed by the merger of seven manufacturers of foodgrade agar with a mission to lead with high technology developed entirely in Spain during the 1940's. Since then the company followed a policy of continuous improvement in applied technology, and through research, discovering new applications, as well as creating innovative products with greater added value. The company has a registered office located in Madrid, Spain. The company is one of the world's most experienced and knowledgeable manufacturers of quality hydrocolloids, and has been in business for over half a century. Premium seaweeds harvested from oceans all over the world are processed through a series of sophisticated extraction operations at its several factories. The products include different types of food agar and bacteriological agar, several varieties of superior quality agaroses as well as a complete line of high quality carrageenans and peptones. It has always operated with the strategy of exercising exclusive and strict quality control over its entire supply chain, from raw material harvesting to manufacturing and appropriate application of its finished product. Having continuously developed and perfected its manufacturing technologies, the company has earned recognition as one of the world leaders in key international hydrocolloid markets. A key element in the company's strategy is to specialize in its core activity of manufacturing seaweed derivatives. This approach has allowed the company to develop extensive experience as well as innovative products in the fields of food, microbiology and molecular biology. Hispanagar is also located in the USA, the United Kingdom and Russia.
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